Women Exporters Development Programme (WEDP)


Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation is a Malaysian external trade government agency. Its key role is to assist Malaysian exporters to develop and expand their export markets.

Grant Name
Women Exporters Development Programme (WEDP)
Maximum RM200,000 grant to undertake export promotions and participate in trade fairs
Matching Grant
SME, Exports, Women-owned
Merchandise, Service Trade
Requiremnet / Criteria
1. The company must be owned by women with a majority, or at least 51% of equity held by women. The majority shareholding can be through a single female individual or a group of women shareholders.
2. The Chief Executive Officer and/or Managing Director must be women.
3. Companies for WEDP must fit the national definition of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).
4. The company must be in operation for a minimum of 3 years and attained an acceptable level of market footprint/presence/share/dominance locally.
5. Companies dealing with merchandise goods or services must have a designated business premise or manufacturing facility with a dedicated address and not a PO Box. Women-owned companies based in Sabah and Sarawak can be given priority for WEDP, on the basis of diversifying the spread of regional socio-economic growth.
6. Special preference will be accorded to companies that are involved in technology-driven, high value-added and
knowledge-based industries. These types of industries include high-precision parts manufacturing, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, animation and advance surveillance systems etc., and are generally non-traditional to women entrepreneurs.


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