Inovasi Akar Umbi MaGRIs (MaGRIs)


Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) is a grassroots innovation development agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and was established on 20 October 2008. YIM acts as a platform to find, develop and match innovation development funds with a network of more than 4,000 innovators nationwide to promote and cultivate grassroots innovations that have the potential to be commercialized while improving the well-being of the community especially the quality of life of the B40s.

Grant Name
Inovasi Akar Umbi MaGRIs (MaGRIs)
Up to RM65,000
Matching Grant
All Sectors
Requiremnet / Criteria
1. Malaysians aged 18 years and over; individually or group.
2. Such innovation must meet the definition of "Inovasi Akar Umbi" as set out below:
- The product or process of innovation developed by the lower income group, usually aimed at meeting the basic needs as well as addressing the challenges and challenges of life, OR
- Community-led innovation to achieve the sustainability of life which often difficult to expand into other markets.
3. Innovations of high value, positive impact and contributing to the well-being of the rural community.
4. Original ideas or improvements from existing innovation.
5. The included innovation must have reached the prototype phase (almost ready) or ready to be developed.
6. All entries must be received by the organizer latest by February every year.
7. Innovations selected by the MaGRIs Evaluation Committee will be given guidance and development support to
the pre-commercialization level.
8. All selected participants must agree to participate and complete the entire program and meet the t&c.
9. The decision of the Evaluation Committee of the MaGRIs is final and the announcement will be made by letter
or email, in March each year.


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